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Vol Biv Kit

Posted on August 07 2019

A Vol Biv Kit

For an extended 4 week alpine traverse. For those who love lists, and gear, and planning out the detail. Differing from the short and sweet vol biv trip, the kit for an extended ‘through’ trip is more extensive as there is no return or stash of gear. The items in grey could be removed for a shorter, light and fast mission, next year…


Please note this list may change without notice as i remember stuff


Flying Gear

Ozone Alpina 3

Ozone light concertina bag

Ozone Ozium 2 w/o foam and with soft link carabiners

Woody Valley quadro light reserve

Black Diamond Vapour climbing helmet

Garmin Inreach satelite messenger

Naviter Hyper flight computer

Stodeus GpsBip zero lag solar vario

Light down hoodie jackdet

Light goretex shell jacket

Silk glove liners

Fleece windstopper gloves

Wool neck warmer


Glider repair kit (lines, fabric etc)

Dual band vhf uhf radio + speaker mic + spare battery


Hiking Gear

Woody Valley light packpack 105L

Ozone light stuff sack pack cover

Black Diamond carbon Z hiking poles

Solomon goretex high cut trail runners

First aid kit and pain killers

Petzl Bindi usb chargable headtorch

Light 10L daypack

Gatorz full aluminium sunglasses

Garmin Fenix 5x smart watch

Solomon light 1.5L water bladder





Camping Gear

Six moons lunar solo tent

Sea to Summit ultralight matt

Sea to Summit micro 3 sleeping bag

Sea to Summit ultralight pillow

Toiletries (battery razor, soap, shampoo, nail clippers, deodorant)

Toothbrush and small paste

Toaks titanium 550ml pot cup

Solid fuel tablets

screw in stove for butane canisters

Fire lighters


Folding knife



Travel Gear

Light stuff sacks to organise below

Motorola G6 phone (phone / camera / flight instrument)

15W solar panel charger

13000mah anker powerbank

3 slot usb wall charger - 1

short USB cables for all devices

GoPro Hero 5

Folding camera stick with integral tripod

4 GoPro batteries

GoPro multi 3 batt USB charger

ParaMount Riser mount for gopro


3 light t-shirts – 1

running top

2 hiking shorts - 1

1 light long pants

wool thermal top

polypro thermal bottom

wool socks x4 - 2

wool jocks x4 – 2

light travel towel

light sketch book and pen

printed overview map


2 credit cards (1 visa + 1 mastercard)

planet stubby cooler...