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  • ozone Rush 6

    ozone Rush 6

    The new rush 6 brings the biggest performance leap to the en-B class we have ever seen.  With handling and performance close to that of the Delta 4 which leads the...

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  • ozone BV1 bivi harness

    With vol biv flying close to our hearts we are very excited by this new harness from ozone aimed squarely at the light vol biv and hike and fly XC...

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    ozone BV1 bivi harness
  • Zeno 2 released !

    Zeno 2 released !

    After much anticipation the Zeno 2 has been released as a successor to one of the most renowned gliders in recent years.  demo gliders will be available at planet paragliding...

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  • Zeolite GT

    Ozone Zeolite GT light performance 2 liner released

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    Zeolite GT
  • Vol Biv Kit

    Vol Biv Kit

    A Vol Biv Kit For an extended 4 week alpine traverse. For those who love lists, and gear, and planning out the detail. Differing from the short and sweet vol...

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