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The ParaMount Carabiner Mount is exclusive to Planet and specifically designed to fit around standard carabineers on most Paragliding Harness’s. Mounting options available for both instruments and various sports cameras. Flytec and Brauniger instruments utilise the screw thread on the back of the instrument. The camera arm is designed with a 1/4' threaded fixing handle and the arm to the camera is capable of a wide range for a range of full pan and vertical angle. the mount clamps over your carabiner securely but can be attached and removed quickly. it fits all common twist lock and press release carabiners our typically comes with the go pro swivel mount pictured

Customised attachments and sizes available. i.e. to fit specialised carabiners or to have longer or shorter arms.
ParaMounts are custom designed and manufactured in Brisbane from a high density specialised plastic with stainless steel metal pins and threads. so when you order please email us with your exact carabiner and camera option and we'll ensure the mounts works with your hardware.  As the Para Mount is manufactured in full locally they are backed by superb customer service, individual parts can be repaired etc and you can get advice from the manufacturer specifically.

camera not included.

approx 1 week supply time

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