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XC Tracer mini IV GPS


A proven and reliable flight instrument for paraglider pilots. Many pilots use XC Tracer for competitions and for long XC flights. The time-lag free indication of the climb/sink rate using beeping tones makes it much easier to find and core thermals then when using a conventional variometer.  The XCtracer is the first instrument to successfully integrate the data streams from barometer, accelerometer and gyroscope together to give the true zero lag output, which will take your thermalling to the next level.

You can use XC Tracer Mini IV GPS also as an IGC and KML logger, both files are logged in parallel, and the IGC files are accepted by FAI for paragliding competitions. There is a lithium polymer battery built in, when fully charged the battery has enough energy to power XC Tracer Mini IV GPS for more than 20h hours without sunshine. There is also a Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 module built in. You can configure the BLE strings that you want to send to your phone, tablet or e-reader using a simple configuration file. And of course also the variometer indicates the climb / sink rate with beeping tones. And the good thing is that you can modify the tone settings as you wish, please check the tone simulator here.

The ratio of energy delivered from the solar panel and the power consumption of the variometer is incredibly efficient making the autonomy effectively infinite.

An external solar powered gps / vario with data output opens up the potential of your smartphone as an incredibly powerful flight instrument.  The external gps saves your phones battery and new software apps like XCtrack, FlySkyHigh and XCsoar are as capable if not more than standalone flight instruments.  and with the XCTracer they also get the power of worlds best sensors.

Our favourite setup for all flying including competition tasks is XCtrack on an android phone coupled with the XCtracer through a bluetooth connection.  we keep the vario sound coming from the tracer, and all data for xctrack, both gps and vertical climb all comes from the external tracer.  the sunlight readability some phones is now better than some standalone flight instrument, except for e-ink, but the mapping and customisation of XCtrack makes it a navigation and tasking instrument second to none.  All from a free piece of software using the phone already in your pocket and simply adding the XCtracer.  we have flown 5-6 hours without external battery, and a simple $10 2000mah external battery deals with any battery issues of long flights if needed.  Using your phone in this way also has other advantages like running live tracking, calls and photos all from a connected device.  also tracklog upload is instant after landing as your instrument has an 4G connection.

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