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Quadro Light Reserve



The Quadro Light reserves from Woody Valley offer the best bang for the buck in terms of weight and volume for light equipment. These rescue chutes of the new generation combine all the features that a safe modern rescue device must have, combining the best levels of size, compactness, weight and performance.  


super light weight: 0.935 kg for the quadro 100 light

smallest pack size in the market

fastest opening time: 2.8 seconds

very low rate of descent with maximum load: 5.2 - 5.49 m/s


very long service life: 15 years


These excellent results could be achieved by using the latest technology and highest quality material from Germany:

Anyone in need of a pendulum-stable rescue with low sinking speed and extremely light dead weight will choose a Quadro rescue.


Quadro 80 light
Area (sqm) 23.20
Pack volume 3.6 L
Weight of reserve 880 grams
Rate of descent max. payload 100 -> 5.37 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 80

Quadro 100 light
Area (sqm) 31.10
Pack volume 4.1 L
Weight of reserve 935 grams
Rate of descent max. payload 100 -> 5.2 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 100

Quadro 115 light
Area (sqm) 36.20
Pack volume 4.26 L
Weight of reserve 1.20kg
Rate of descent max. payload 115 -> 5.49 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 115


Quadro 120 light
Area (sqm) 35.50
Pack volume 5.2 L
Weight of reserve 1.25kg
Rate of descent max. payload 120 -> 5.25 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 120


Quadro 140 light
Area (sqm) 44.80
Pack volume 5.6 L
Weight of reserve 1.45 kg
Rate of descent max. payload 100 -> 5.47 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 140

Sizes 100, 115, 140 generally in stock.  80 / 120 / 220 are special order sizes generally 2-4 weeks delivery time 

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