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Wani 3


Blue/Light Blue

Reversible Open harness with certified self inflating back protector and lightweight semi-attached backpack, underseat reserve container, optional flightdeck, leg cover, stirrup, and side protectors. Doesn't require airspeed to inflate the back pro so it gives protection during launch. This is the only harness to use this style of back protection system and it gets high level test reviews on the back protector. The Wani also solves the issue of reversible harnesses where the harness gets damaged when in backpack mode, as the pack is attached by a separate element. Available in both 'get-up' and 't-lock' styles but we only stock the t-lock, as this is a safer system. Black / Blue in stock and other colours available upon order. 4.2kg total including pack.

  • New design
  • Sturdier materials
  • Two-step speed bar included
  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Self-inflating airbag protection
  • Enhanced rescue parachute handle
  • Redesigned rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection


S - Special Order

M - IN STOCK (All Colours)

L - IN STOCK   (All Colours)

L - IN STOCK   (Blue / Orange)

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