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Ozone Ultralite 5

The ultimate in ultralight flying is back... and the all new Ultralight 5 is lighter and higher performing than ever. The all new Ultralite5 features an incredible 0.8 glide performance increase and a huge 7kmh speed increase while being 100g lighter than its predecessor. With the addition of 2 new sizes, the range now spans from 13m² to 25m², covering every pilot and every mode of ascent & descent.

The smaller 13 and 15m sizes give a fast and agile speed wing like character to fly steeper mountain faces.


An all new Ultralite-specific SharkNose is the core of this next generation design. It has improved the inflation, performance, comfort, and ease of use. The "ground roll" of the Ultralite5 is the shortest of any light wing we have flown -- you will be airborne in fewer steps than ever, an important factor for mountain take-offs.

A new arc has made the wing more compact, with more intuitive and direct handling. New panel shaping and an improved wing twist have reduced drag significantly, improving True Performance and efficiency with no cost to safety.


At 1.76kg in the 17m² size, the Ultralite5 is the lightest certified dual surface wing per m2 of flat area. The 15m² and 13m² (load test only) weigh in at just 1.59kg and 1.42kg respectively.


Whether you are obsessed with ultra-light wings for run & fly, hike & fly, or mountaineering, or just looking for your first ultralight setup, the Ultralite5 has what you need. Its balance of performance and lightness cannot be beat. This is the most accessible, fun, and reliable hike & fly / run & fly wing we have ever flown. 


Over the past 20 years of lightweight paraglider development here at OZONE, our light wings have launched from the summit of Everest, competed in every edition of the X-Alps, and broken vol-biv distance records around the world. The Ultralite5 offers enough performance to thermal, ridge soar, or even go XC with security and comfort and this new version will greatly increase your range of action thanks to significant performance gains, with no compromise on safety.

As such, development of our lightweight equipment is continuous, and we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge working with lightweight materials and special construction techniques, which has resulted in a wide range of wings from the innovative single surface XXLite to the X-Alps conquering Zeolite. The Ultralite 5 incorporates all of this know-how and experience into the lightest wing that we have ever certified. Because the Ultralite is actually a full sized wing, launching and landing it is as safe and easy as in a normal paraglider, allowing you to use it with confidence in the most extreme conditions: at high altitude, in deep snow, or on the most difficult launches.

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