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UltraBip is a new zero lag GPS logger alti-vario with voice assistant and Bluetooth.

It is fully solar-powered and equipped with a concentrate of features that have made the success of our instruments, all in an ultralight format!

Thanks to its built-in high-performance GPS receiver, UltraBip records all your flight tracks and stats. And you will now feel even the slightest thermal thanks to our breakthrough Instant Vario Technology.
UltraBip also benefits from our unique-on-the-market voice assistant function. And our exclusive Dual-Audio Technology meets the challenge of giving you loud beeps and rich voice announcements, while being energy efficient.
Engineered to fit to any of your paragliding activity, UltraBip can either be paired via Bluetooth to most flight apps, or be used as a stand-alone instrument. All that technology being powered by the sun through our rugged SunPower solar cell.
Avid XC pilots as well as tandem or hike&fly enthusiasts will eagerly fine-tune UltraBip’s infinite settings for a fully personalized flight experience.

Simply listen to the voice of your new solar assistant, and fly further.
UltraBip can speak on a regular basis of distance, altitude or time, or on demand when you double-tap on it!

UltraBip speaks to you in the language of your choice (13 different languages), and provides you with all the necessary information a paragliding pilot needs (altitude, speed, average climb rate, heading, time, flight duration, and more).

All of that without interfering with the vario, and of course, because every pilot is unique, everything can be configured or disabled

UltraBip is the zero lag vario and solar GPS logger that should be everyone's primary climbing instrument. With the next generation tech in vario mechanisms the UltraBip will revolutionise how you climb. The zero lag instant vario response combines barometric, accelerometer and gyro data sensors combined for the the most intuitive vario. UltraBip will have you instantly climbing better, and with a built in solar panel it is not a back up but rather the primary vario that everyone should have, which will never let you down. It will never run out of juice, and never stop recording your track. With the touch of a fingertip gives spoken speed and altitude readings. All in the palm of your hand.

Voice output

Tap twice on the casing to make UltraBip announce altitude, speed, climb rate, flight duration, flight time, which are all customizable.

Instant Vario

Thanks to the Instant zero lag Vario Technology, beeps are instantly linked with your senses and make thermalling instantly intuitive. This is next generation instrument technology that raises the bar the first time you take it to the air.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Wirelessly Connect UltraBip to your smartphone, eReader Instrument and a host of other instruments to use them as full competition navigation instruments but with the extra sensitive vario of the UltraBip


UltraBip records flight data and automatically lays down IGC and KML tracklog files.  After your flight, connect UltraBip to your computer to visualize your flight path easily. NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED.

The New age Minimalist Flight Instrument Solution

Not only is UltraBip a super sensitive vario sensor but also an external solar powered GPS sensor which saves battery life in your phone or flight instrument.  This allows smartphone apps like XCTrack, XCSoar or Flyskyhigh to become a primary flight instrument for mapping with an ultra sensitive vario mechanism and not burn battery life. This brings a very powerful yet affordable and minimal instrument solution utilising the power of your smartphone that's already in your pocket and simply adding a solar powered ultra sensitive external sensor.

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