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Woody Valley

Transalp 2 full package



Transalp 2 harness form Woody Valley as a full package with back protector and front reserve container, reserve bridle and carabiners

The new super light open and alpine harness for hike and fly adventures that comes in under 1kg including but also has optional modular back protector and reserve container.  When packed it compresses to just a few litres and comes with it's own 12L light collapsible pack.

It is the ideal harness for Hike & Fly for those who want compact volumes without sacrificing comfort in flight.

The most important feature of the TransAlp 2 is its optional inflatable protector, which has been designed in such a way as to guarantee a lot of safety but keeping the dimensions in the backpack minimal.  It can me added and removed quickly and maintains a very clean profile under the harness

- split leg, no seatboard design

- 4 sizes S / M / L / XL

- package includes modular airbag back protector

- package front reserve compartment

- reserve Y bridle

- leg straps direct to carabiners

- built in Recco safety system


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