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The solos represents a next generation hybrid harness system that combines split leg support and structure with a seatboard in a reversible harness with a host of smart features.  It integrates a hiking pack with a superb carrying harness, with an integrated foam protector, at 3.3kg total. 

It is designed to suit a wide range of flying from lightweight hike and fly to freestyle flying and suits new pilots with an intuitive closure and ultra comfortable structure.

The split leg arrangement allows for better freedom of movement on launch and landing and supports the legs more thoroughly. The compact but certifier foam back protector makes for a more streamlined shape in flight but matches the weight and compactness of airbag harnesses.

When in hiking mode the harness compacts into a cmpact unit inside the pack and the backpack has a host of compression points and external pockets and carries extremely well on the back.  

Available in 3 sizes in black/blue and black/grey colour schemes, demo units available

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