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WV Race Harness

Woody Valley's super light pod harness developed for the 2023 x-alps race has been refined to a more user friendly and robust version for hike + fly and vol biv flying in a ~1.8kg package.  It is an extraordinary harness with some ground breaking new design details throughout the harness together with refined details never seen in light pod harnesses before

2 options for the back protector are available, a semi-rigid protection (PRS) and a light inflatable protector (like for the GTO Light 2) but in its new version (IPE) made with lighter materials.

- 4 sizes 1750-1900 grams

- 2 protection options, semi rigid and inflatable

- New adaptable stabilisation system

- Get up leg straps with adjustable width chest strap

- Rescue container under the seat

- Removable full chest instrument deck with battery pockets

- Three step speed bar included

- Intuitive adjustment with all metal buckles

- 'RECCO' safety location system built in

- Replaceable leg cover section

- hook knife pocket

- New seamless reserve enclosure with magnetic handle

- Easily accessible protector pocket for bivi gear

- Removable side mesh pockets 0.5L

- pocket - 3L ballast under seat, 2 1L flight deck pockets, 1.5L zippered side pockets and 2L inside pod side picket sand a huge 15L rear storage compartment.

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