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Triox 2




The Triox is designed specifically for powered trike flying. Compatible with all types of trike units from light to heavy, this versatile and reliable wing offers a stable and fast platform with easy launch and landing characteristics.


The Triox inflates easily in all wind conditions without overshooting. On the ground it has no tendency to roll, and if it does go to one side it is easy to correct and return overhead. The Trike Launch Assist System makes the inflation process simple and effortless, leaving your hands free to control brakes and throttle.


In the air the Triox’s handling is progressive and direct. Turns are smooth and coordinated without the tendency to dive, but it retains the fun and agile feeling that OZONE wings have become renowned for. Feedback from the wing is comfortable and understandable, so the pilot and passenger can enjoy the ride. High levels of glide and climb efficiency, thanks to the high performance profile, high aspect ratio, and low total line drag, delivers an unmatched level of autonomy from each tank of fuel and makes the Triox suitable for XC flying adventures.


Excellent flare authority through the brakes and the dampened roll make for an  easy and forgiving feeling on final and landing. Our mission was to remove the stress from launches and landings, allowing you to concentrate more on the flight.


The Triox features a customised Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile (OZRP) tuned specifically for powered flight. The Shark nose profile maintains a constant level so of lift and internal pressure over a wide range of angles of attack. This gives the Triox increased levels of stability whilst accelerated. Importantly, not only is it very collapse resistant in turbulent air, it is also very resistant to stalls, even with deep inputs at low speeds.


The Triox risers are a trike-dedicated design, and are short with low split-A and baby-A risers featuring TST handles for high speed manoeuvrability. They also include two A-Assist attachment points, magnetic brake/TST retainers and adjustable long range trimmers for fast cruise speeds.


Certified DGAC and load tested to 411kgs, the Triox is available in two sizes, accommodating a wide range of power units and wing loadings. It is suitable for both solo and tandem trike flying, and thanks to the easy launch and flight characteristics is acceptable for a wide range of pilots from recreational to pro pilots. This intuitive and dependable trike wing will last you for many seasons, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

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