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High-performance XC Comp harness for maximum comfort and efficiency in long flights. The Forza 2's passive safety, stability, and ease of use make it ideal for big distance flying.  

The Forza 2 is a complex and feature rich harness with double under seat reserves that is comfortable and easy to fly in real XC conditions. Over three years of development on this project and the many prototypes have undergone hundreds of hours of test flying by some of the world's best XC pilots. The mission for the Forza 2 was to create an aerodynamic, durable, and highly comfortable tool for serious XC missions. This new design is the highest performance traditional-fairing harness on the market

The Forza 2's rigidity is carefully engineered. The backrest is anatomically designed to support every part of the pilot's back. Foams of varied thickness and density are arranged for exceptional lumbar comfort. The seat has a small seat plate which provides the ideal level of rigidity and excellent weight shift control, with a support zone that is comfortable to rest in for many hours. A massive protector covers the entire back, and the seat protector is low profile but highly effective.

The harness closure has colour coded buckles and the pod closure system protects against forgotten leg straps

Two huge & easily accessible side pockets, a zipped pocket above the pod, a large and convenient cockpit with magnetic cockpit access panel, battery pocket, under seat storage, and a large rear storage area with hydration pouch and access / mounts for hydration tubes, and a ballast outlet / catheter exit point under the seat

The large rear fairing profile improves the glide and stability of the harness. Many accelerated flight tests were conducted to refine the shape, angle of attack, and functionality of the pod and rear fairing.

The pod and the pod closure are secure and functional during intensive speed bar usage

Two reserve compartments with a magnet closure system provide a large opening while maintaining a smooth and aerodynamic outer surface. The rescue handles are accessible and easy to grip, while also being well-integrated with the outer surfaces

Harness weight includes: Harness + Edelrid carabiners + complete pod with 3-bar Speed-system + reserve bridles and maillons + seat protection + rescue handle + safety knife

  • 6kg in the medium size
  • Cack pocket volume: 27.5 liters
  • Under the seat pocket volume: 7.5 liters
  • Certified EN 1651
  • Seat protector weight 550gr (EN Impact max peak: 34g)

The Forza 2 package includes:

  • Seat and back protectors
  • Dual rescue handles plus cable and foam to secure unused reserve compartment
  • Dual reserve bridles, with 8mm reserve maillons
  • 3-stage speed bar
  • Integrated Safety knife
  • Integrated Tree safety kit
  • Edelrid carabiners

black/red and black/blue colour options

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