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Magnum 4



The Ultimate Professional Tandem

The Magnum 4 is designed for the professional pilot. It has the shortest ground roll of any wing we have flown so far, making for impressively simple launching characteristics. The pilot and passenger are airborne much faster than before.

The handling is agile and low-effort, and the same characteristics which make the launch so easy translate to the landing as well -- with ultra-precise pitch control and a high resource flare, the crew has never landed so gently.

  • Years of airfoil research have yielded an excellent balance of solidity and flex, efficiency and damping in the Magnum 4's new profile.
  • A new higher AR of 5.45 improves efficiency & performance.
  • Thanks to the higher efficiency profile, pilot & passenger are rapidly airborne with the shortest ground roll, ever.
  • New reduced internal pressure for improved handling
  • Double 3D shaping in the leading edge further improves efficiency
  • New shaping of the panels at the trailing edge has created improved feel in the brakes, and incredible handling.
  • New diagonals and internal structure at the rear chord reduce deformation in turbulence, making the wing more comfortable.
  • It's the most durable tandem we have ever made, with extensive rib reinforcement to reduce deformation on the bias, making the Magnum 4 the best value of any wing we know of (lowest cost per flight of any tandem).
  • Winglets, to increase the arc for better sail tension and sharper handling while maintaining roll stability - an important element of crew comfort.
  • A new big-ear kit system is independent of the spreaders and allows large big ears with a simple input, with push-button release.
  • A new 44m size increases comfort across the spectrum of passenger weights, conditions, and flying sites.

Overall the extensive amount of technology inherent in the Magnum 4 has made for the easiest and least technical tandem flying we have ever enjoyed. The simplicity and low-stress nature of the launch, flight, and landing, have brought a new level of joy and comfort to our tandem flying, and we are excited to hear professional pilot's feedback on this new design.

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