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Live DS

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New and unopened . Only 1 unit available at this price.

Includes a free Bumper

The most complete free-flying instrument ever created. For the most demanding pilot, focused on winning, whether in competition or cross-country.

Your sixth sense instrument in flight

It's a dual screen alti-vario-GPS with 4G LTE live tracking, designed for the most demanding pilot focused on winning in competition or cross-country.

The LIVE DS features two high contrast highly sunlight readable displays, one colour display for mapping and a monochrome display for data fields etc


  • 72 channel U-blox BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS
  • Ultra-sensitive Vario
  • Built-in Flarm Beacon (no additional subscription needed)
  • Global Multi-band LTE-M
  • New Enhanced Livetracking
  • USB Type-C Mass Storage Access
  • NEW Flymaster Instrument Manager Software
  • Fast-scrolling Wheel
  • Improved data fields
  • New User Interface
  • Cutside View
  • Dual-screen
  • Optional Flarm Obstacles Database
  • In-instrument Flight Playback
  • In-flight realtime leaderboard with leading points calculation
  • Flarm Aware Radar (optional feature)
  • In-flight Voice Assistance
  • Fully Customizable Layouts
  • Highly visible under direct sunlight
  • Altitude limits in task definition
  • Extra-large Fonts
  • Optional Bumper Case
  • U-blox Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Last Gen Microprocessor
  • Anti-theft System
  • High-resistance Protective Lens
  • Glove-friendly Keys and UI
  • Big Battery Life

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