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Line Measuring Machine


Accurately measure the length of your lines using the Thirdline Line Measuring machine.   Engineered and manufactured in Australia. 

A superbly accurate and precisely engineered device with exact production tolerances that makes line measuring and trimming a breeze.

Lines will stretch and shrink, particularly in the first 20-30 hours of airtime.  Regularly measuring your lines gives a good understanding of how the performance of your wing may be changing over time and in various conditions.  Compare your line lengths with the manufacturers specifications for a better idea if line trimming is needed.    

Designed to work with the Bosch GLM 50C bluetooth laser measurer.  Other devices on request such as Leica.  Confirm your measurment device upon order

Laser measurer and weight not included.

This machine is simple to use but please let us know if you would like a demonstration.

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