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Ozone Indy paramotor harness has been designed in collaboration with paramotor manufacturers and team pilots. Our primary goal was to develop a universal harness that fits the majority of paramotor frames, while prioritizing comfort, durability, and lightweight design.

The Harness is available in two versions. The Full Option includes a Side pocket, Side Rescue Container, and a pair of Edelrid Carabiners. The Basic Option does not include carabiners and a rescue container

2 Sizes.  medium below 180cm + Large above 175cm

The harness incorporates a thoughtful combination of materials to ensure optimal performance. We have utilised durable fabric in areas that require reinforced strength, while employing lighter materials to keep the overall weight of the harness to a minimum

We understand that every pilot is unique, which is why our harness offers a wide range of adjustments to ensure the best possible fit

We use only high-quality Austrialpin Cobra buckles, including anti-forget buckle system

Original Ozone-designed carabiner loops are made from lightweight yet incredibly strong material with a working load in excess of 2 tonnes

We incorporate a large foam pad on the back of the harness to enhance filtration of engine vibration and significantly improve comfort

The harness has a large storage system, zipped side pockets, and an integrated under-seat storage pocket. The zipped side pocket can be replaced by a rescue container. Both the pockets and the container fit on both the left and right sides

Depending on the options ordered, the standard paramotor harness includes a side pocket specifically designed for a reserve parachute. Pilots also have the option to use a front container or deck for their reserve, depending on their individual needs

There are two distinct attachment options depending on the frame design: pre-made loops or straps equipped with metal buckles

Low friction Ronstan pulleys for the speed bar are effectively reducing pressure and providing smooth operation. An additional attachment point allows pilots to customise the pulley position according to their personal preference

As standard, the harness includes a lithe honeycomb seat plate, renowned for its lightweight yet robust construction

Underneath, there is a speed bar retainer which allows for the storage of the speed bar during takeoff and landing, and when it's not in used in flight

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