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GTO Light 2


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The GTO Light 2

The most popular harness on the market today and the most thoughtfully designed.  Internal complexity with external simplicity makes the GTO Light 2 the best pod harness in the air, in terms of flight behaviour and comfort.  It is also the lightest and by far the most compact in the full featured XC pod category.

The GTO light 2 now comes with either foam and inflatable protectors and has optional extras such as a windscreen, foot slide and locking speed pulleys.

  • There are 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL)
  • Chose either foam or low volume inflatable protector 
  • Foam option gives a simpler option which does not need inflating / deflating each flight
  • Sturdier materials throughout the harness
  • New Edelrid carabiners in different colours
  • Magnetic closures to reserve handle and leg cover
  • Optional Windshield, details  here
  • Optional Foot slide to fit inside the base of the leg cover , details here
  • Optional Ronstan Orbit block 40 pulleys  here
  • ABS adjustment to manage harness stability
  • The cockpit is secured to the chest strap with a buckle allowing you to adjust its angle
  • Enhanced and simplified leg cover closure system
  • Liteshield rear back protector which is removable

The new inflatable protection 

The new inflatable protection makes your GTO Light 2 lighter and your Rucksack much more compact.  It weighs only 335 grams, over 100g less than foam and you can easily inflate it by using a strategic tube located along the GTO Light shoulder strap, even in flight
You can easily zip the inflatable protection to both the GTO Light 2 and its predecessor (GTO Light 1)

The Windshield

Our optional removable windshield makes flying more pleasant than ever as it provides better aerodynamics and protects your face from the wind.
Simply use the three buttons on your cockpit to attach or remove your windshield

The Leg Slide

The optional leg slide fits into the base of the leg cover under the speed bar to create a smooth base for easy operation of the speed bar and protects the base of the leg cover from the heel of your foot in the pod.


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