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Line trim - laser line measure and adjustment



Due to the effect of temperature and humidity and age and with the forces exerted during flight, the lines of your wing will typically stretch and shrink over time.  These changes are most significant in the first 20-30 hours of airtime. 

Uneven changes in the length of your lines can change the angle of attack of your wing or lead to distortions in the aerofoil shape. 

A laser line measure and adjustment will check the relative lengths of your lines and bring your wing back to optimal trim so that it performs as efficiently and safely as the manufacturer intended. 

Adjustments made to -/+ 5mm from manufacturer trim specifications.

We recommend a line check and trim (if required) after 30 hours from new and then every 100 hours of flight time after that.

Drop your wing to us at our Beechmont studio, or ship to:

Planet Paragliding
25 Tarlington Lane
Lower Beechmont QLD 4211


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