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Full Glider Service by Planet Paragliding

A full service report is issued covering all the above services for your reference and to benchmark your glider for future testing.  If you are selling your wing the full service and report gives your purchaser confidence as to the condition and airworthiness of your wing.

UV exposure and mechanical abrasion, and time in the air and in the sun have an effect on the fabric and lines of a glider that gradually deteriorates the components over time.  Even the air hitting the leading edge of your wing when flying has a measurable effect.  Our quantifiable tests with the most up to date industry standard equipment put each of these areas of potential degradation under the microscope. This ensures not only airworthiness of your glider but also maximises it's performance and handling in the air and on launch and landing.

- Full Visual check of all glider components

- Full Line trim (measure and adjustment to factory trim)

- Fabric porosity test across the wing surfaces

- Fabric strength test to internal and external surfaces

- Detailed service report of all of the above

Due to the effect of temperature and humidity and with the forces exerted during flight, the lines of your wing will typically stretch and shrink over time.  These changes are most significant in the first 20-30 hours of airtime but should regularly checked every 100 hours or so through the life of a glider

Uneven changes in the length of your lines can change the angle of attack of your wing or lead to distortions in the aerofoil shape. As such the line trim is the cornerstone of glider servicing.

A laser line measure and adjustment will check the relative lengths of your lines and bring your wing back to optimal trim so that it performs as efficiently and safely as the manufacturer intended. 

Adjustments made to -/+ 5mm from manufacturer trim specifications.

As importers and dealers for Ozone and Flow in Australia we have their data pre set into our customised software, so these brands have a discounted price.  For other brands please let us know the make, model and size so we can take the time to set up the data files.

Drop your wing to us at our Beechmont studio, or ship to:

Planet Paragliding
25 Tarlington Lane
Lower Beechmont QLD 4211


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