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The F*Race harness was developed specifically for the 2019 x-alps race in conjunction with the zeolite 2 line glider and the angel pro reserve.  all 3 products represent the lightest and most refined product in each respective category and and each provide unparalleled performance.

The F*Race has seen a comprehensive design development since the race and a vast number of details have evolved and been upgraded.  the weight is still an impressive 1.5kg including integrated soft link carabiners and the protector which is now inflatable and covers under-seat and behind the back.  this makes for a spectacularly low pack volume when hiking.  coupled with extensive inflight storage the F*Race has become an unmatched harness for vol biv flying

- Ultra-light dyneema support frame based on F*Lite technology
- Fully adjustable bucket seat with Nitinol reinforcements
- Certified Inflatable back protector ratings to 25G
- Fully integrated front reserve container and instrument decks
- Low drag aerodynamics with inflating rear fairing
- Storage accessible for vol biv gear
- Available on both black, white and blue fairings

Special Order - 6 to 8 weeks delivery

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