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Woody Valley




The WOODY VALLEY DENALI is an extremely light harness (the S size weighs only 286 grams) for paragliding

Designed for all those who love both flying and hiking/climbing and cannot give up minimal weight and bulk.  User-friendly, simple to wear, fluid in flight with adjustable recline angle

Here are some features:

-3 sizes (S-M-L)

- adjustable recline angle

-Openable leg straps secured to main carabiners

-Wearable even with closed leg streps

- retractable speed system rings

-Get-up leg strap system with strategic rings

-Super light (286gr for the S size)

-Black bag (Denali envelope)

-Elastic system to hold the shoulder straps in place

-included light harness stuff bag, pictured below

-optional light speedbar

-optional light 26-35L trail race backpack

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