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Woody Valley




Crest harness form Woody Valley is a new super light open and reversible harness for hike and fly adventures that comes in under 2kg including the rucksack but also has an integrated back protector, reserve compartment and all the comfort, adjustment and flying characteristics for XC flights.  When packed it carries superbly superbly with refined weight distribution and pack compression.  

The Crest is a completely new harness with a number of differences to the wani light 2 harness.  The backpack is completely detachable and 55/70L depending on the size of the harness.  So the pack size can be varied depending on your total kit volume)

The seat support system has no seatboard and is a hybrid system with a hammock style support with split leg loops for maximum support.

- split leg, no seatboard design

-4 sizes S/M/L/XL

- airbag back protector

- integrated underseat reserve compartment

- 2 step speedbar with foot elastic included

- leg straps direct to carabiners

- built in Recco safety system


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