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Bluetooth Comms System


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Wireless bluetooth comms system for Icom radios with a small bluetooth adapter that plugs into the radio.  A remote PTT that can be positioned on the risers, harness or helmet.  A wireless speaker/mic earpiece is also included which can be used independently of which ever helmet you choose. 

Other wireless helmet headsets made for motorbike helmets from a variety of companies (Sena , Cardo etc) can also be used in place of the included earpiece.  the generic bluetooth connection makes this an easy change.

Battery life is 1-2 good XC flights so similar to the icom radio battery charge interval.  charge time is very quick with the included usb cable and AU wall plug.

The bluetooth comms system vastly simplifies the comms set up, does away with wires and makes access to in flight transmissions vastly easier

Our units have been specifically made for the icom 41S, 41W and 41pro radios and each unit is individually tested with these radios. 

We use them readily with open face snowboard style helmets like the ozone shield that have soft side flaps and open climbing style helmets.  for full face helmets or helmets that fit tightly over the ears the included earpiece may be compressed so in these cases we recommend using an aftermarket bluetooth earpiece / mic which can be paired with this transmitter (this is not part of this kit).  


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