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Oxygen 1

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Reversible split leg alpine harness, with integrated backpack, 1.3kg total.  Padded back and leg supports give good comfort.  Adjustable back angle and chest strap width.  light leg buckles are easy with boots or crampons rather than sewn leg loops.  The Oxygen is not only a light, reversible hike and fly harness but also a harness you can be comfortable in for hours of soaring.

Ozone Narrow Carabiners included. 

Medium size for pilots 155cm to 180cm tall 

Large size for above 177cm tall 

As a sizing note, there is quite a bit of range in the harness sizing and adjustment, eg. we have had 155cm pilots fly the med and be comfortable in flight.  There are many other harness which are much lighter than the oxygen but the extra padding and adjustment range and recline angle adjustment mean the Oxygen remains popular when weight is not the overriding priority.

The Oxygen M and L are both in stock

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