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XC-Tracer mini II GPS

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XC Tracer Mini II GPS is the successor of XC Tracer II, a proven and reliable flight instrument for paraglider pilots, it is commonly regarded as the best vario mechanism on the market today. Many pilots use XC Tracer II for competitions and for long XC flights. The time-lag free indication of the climb/sink rate using beeping tones makes it much easier to find and core thermals then when using a conventional variometer.  The integration of the barometer with a gyro and and accelerometer with combined data streams produces the instantaneous vario that increases climbing potential considerably. 

You can use XC Tracer Mini II GPS also as an IGC and KML logger, both files are logged in parallel, and the IGC files are accepted by FAI for paragliding competitions. There is a lithium polymer battery built in, when fully charged the battery has enough energy to power XC Tracer Mini II GPS for more than 20h hours without sunshine. The battery will get charged with power from the high efficiency solar cells during the flight, but you can charge the battery also over the Micro USB cable that is shipped with XC Tracer Mini II GPS. There is also a Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 module built in. You can configure the BLE strings that you want to send to your phone, tablet or e-reader using a simple configuration file. And of course does the variometer indicate the climb / sink rate with beeping tones. And the good thing is that you can modify the tone settings as you wish, please check the tone simulator here.

The ratio of energy delivered from the solar panel and the power consumption of the variometer is even better compared XC Tracer II. It is very likely that you can fly all season without ever having to recharge the battery of your XC Tracer Mini II GPS

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