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Stodeus SolarPad is a very light and compact 2.5W solar panel and integrated battery with attachment points specifically designed for paragliding harness and pack attachment.  Supplied with velcro attachment strips and a right angle USB plug the SolarPad is compact enough to attach continually to the front of your flight deck or the back or your harness or pack.  the battery capacity will charge your smart phone at least 2 times over.  A vol biv necessity.

  • 2.5W solar panel
  • 2 x USB output 5V/2.1A
  • 1 x USB micro for external fast charge (5V/2A, not included)
  • Internal battery Li-Ion 5600mAh
  • Flashlight strips on the back for vol biv camp
  • Charge status (green led)
  • Capacity indicator (blue leds)
  • Weatherproof : IP65
  • Shockproof and ruggedized : IK08
  • 275gr, square of 16.5*16.5cm, 1cm thick

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