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Zero 2


The Zero 2 is the most precise and compact mini-wing that we have ever flown. This advanced mini-wing design was years in the making, and is based on what we have learned through the development of our smaller-sized mountain gliders and also the technological advances we have made in the Ozone Performance Project. The Zero features the patented Ozone SharkNose detail. The SharkNose, as proven in our highest level performance wings, provides enhanced stability at low angles of attack (accelerated flight) and also high angles of attack (slow speed flight, thermalling). In addition, it provides a high level of spin-resistance, generally improved handling, and increased speed and glide performance. In short, the SharkNose has significantly improved every aspect of flight in the Zero’s design platform, making it a unique high-performance mini-wing which remains accessible and easy to use. the zero and litespeed both come with trimmers and a pulley speed system, the speed system decreases the angle of attack as per normal, the trimmers deform the profile to add more roll and dive to the turn. available in 15, 17, 19m

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