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The OZONE package deal for a first kit to suit all new pilots.  covers all the basics to get you in the air.

The Ozone Mojo 6 en-A wing is designed for new pilots. First and foremost it is a safe, fun, and easy high-performance wing suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified. It is reliable and dependable, perfect for pilots who require a safe and solid wing for ridge soaring, thermalling, and XC flying during their first few hundred hours and beyond. It is also suitable for more experienced pilots who seek the highest levels of passive safety for their flying adventures.

The Ozone Solos is a lightweight reversible harness regarded as the best open harness on the market today.  at under 3kg, including a superb backpack, and an innovative flight structure it truly ticks every box.

The Ozone Angel V2 reserve parachute is tried and tested over a decade of R+D.  It is light, fast and will let you down softly when you need it most.

The Ozone Concertina Packing Bag to sort you out on the ground as well as in the air.

Thats over $6500 worth of flight equipment at a discounted package price from the biggest name in paragliding.  

Optional extras like a Stodeus solar talking vario, or an ozone light shield helmet, or touch gloves can be added at discounted price to the above basic kit.

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