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Ikuma P


The Ikuma P is the lightweight version of the standard Ikuma, the EN B+ ‘Easy Performance’ wing - but with up to 1.4 kg less weight*. Designed for pilots passionate about cross-country and Back Country, hike & fly or vol-biv adventures, this new lightweight model has reduced weight and volume to make it easier to carry and transport.

If the Ikuma was a wing designed for discovering new areas, going off the beaten track and discovering new and alternative routes (what we at Niviuk call Back Country), with the Ikuma P now you can reach take-offs which are currently difficult or impossible to access.

Reducing the weight by almost one and a half kilograms not only makes the paraglider easier to carry, it makes the handling much more responsive and reduces the inertia of the wing, making it more comfortable, safe and user-friendly from the moment of take-off and all through the flight. And all this alongside the successful characteristics of the standard model

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