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Bogdanfly String

$450.00 $600.00

2023 String V2 harness From european specialist harness company BogdanFly.  Boasting a host of clever features and super light weight specs this is a specialist harness for extreme hike + fly adventures, soaring, mini wing flying, ground handling etc.

300grams including speed bar + pulleys

Oxford fabric throughout with spliced dyneema support and adjustment lines

Black harness with yellow connectors and lines is typical colour option.  however custom colours are also available on special order (blue and lime green)

Harness features

- fixed front mini instrument pouch

- adjustable speed system and pulleys

- spliced dyneema adjustment lines throughout

- easy to identify yellow attachments and adjustment lines throughout

- includes packing pouch (A4 size) and BF neckwarmer

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